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    Smart Solutions for Cities, Buildings and Industry

    City explorer is a platform of monitoring which lets explore easily all information about infrastructures, only navigating through the different zones or locations under monitoring.

    Country explorer is a platform of monitoring that lets explore and control all collected information about outdoor environments.

    Mobility explorer has similar features to the City and Country explorer platforms but in a different context: in the field of the mobility

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          SIROCO: Industrial Information System formed by Active Components using Internet of Things and Internet Services. The main objective of the project is to implement an open and interoperable IoT platform (which complies with European standards), based on a modular arc

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    OdinS recognized among the 10 most innovative companies in Murcia Province

          A dozen technological companies in the Province of Murcia have achieved in the last 5 years the seal that certifies them as Innovative Technological Based Companies (EIBT's), a fact that places the Region as one of the most active. In addition, 15 percent of the 65 comp

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    EU Project H2020: CPaaS.io (City Platform as a Service – Integrated and Open)

          OdinS participates in the H2020 project, called CpaaS.io, between Europe and Japan aims to develop a cloud-based open platform that can form the basis for a smart city data infrastructure. The platform will link technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), big

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