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    City explorer is a platform of monitoring which lets explore easily all information about infrastructures, only navigating through the different zones or locations under monitoring.


    Country explorer is a platform of monitoring that lets explore and control all collected information about outdoor environments.


    Mobility explorer has similar features to the City and Country explorer platforms but in a different context: in the field of the mobility

    Latest News

    OdinS in the Press

    Today in the LaVerdad newspaper (26-05-2016), special issue about Industry 4.0: Odin Solutions, a successful business in Murcia providing innovative solutions of Industry 4.0

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    Murcia Smart City

    Murcia Smart City. OdinS has developed an application based on the FIWARE platform in order to monitor and control the different public services of Murcia Council in the frame of RED.ES of Smart Cities. MAPA MIMURCIA WEB MIMURCIA This application is accessible through any we

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    ANCES recognizes OdinS as EIBT

    ANCES recognizes OdinS as EIBT OdinS has been certified at National level like an Innovative Technological Company (EIBT) by the National Association of CEEIs of Spain (ANCES). ANCES grants with this certificate to a small set of Spanish companies with a clear innovative technologica

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